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What Happens If You Miss Jury Duty In California


If you Miss a jury duty in California will normally lead to another summons for jury duty. Though, if you ignore a summons, you may get impose a penalty. It can equally treat as contempt of court. Jurors can stop this from happening by showing they were excused from jury service.

California courts have a vast deal of powers as to how to manage missing jurors. Some courts are more stringent than others. Many people are avoiding jury duty these days for fear of getting COVID 19.

Does Court Send Second Summons again for Missing Jurors?

Yes, Court Send Second Summons again for Missing Jurors who have missed their duty.

That second summons to jury duty shall like the first one for jury duty. However, the second summons may include a warning. And the warning includes if you miss again you may get a penalty to pay.

The second summons date shall be after 90 days after the initial failure to appear. Appearing in court for the second summons can satisfy the juror’s conditions. It can evade further consequences and penalties.

However, some courts will impose a penalty after just one missed jury duty date. If a fine imposed, jurors to have to pay it or justify their initial absence to resolve the situation.

How to get Legally Excused From Jury Duty?

The state of California knows that not everyone who is summoned for jury duty will be able to meet their public duty. Life can be difficult and sometimes you just can’t save the time and energy to assist on a jury. You may be exempted from jury duty in California if you can explain a valid reason. Following are some valid excuses for missing jury duty include:

  1. If you would on active military duty
  2. It would take you more than an hour and a half to drive to and from the courthouse
  3. Jury duty would impose a vital financial responsibility or risk extreme physical or mental hardship
  4. You have a responsibility to take care of another person during the day
  5. You worked on a jury within the past 18 months
  6. If you are serving as a Grand Juror
  7. You have engaged as a Peace Officer
  8. Your rights have not revived following a felony conviction; or

You must furnish your application for an excuse in writing on your summons.

Is it Possible to Postpone my Jury Duty?

If you don’t fit for an excuse, or just want to push your jury duty back to next time and date, you have the right to request an adjournment. In order to defer your jury service, you must reply to your jury summons. Complete Part A and call California County to finish the registration process. Once you registered you can formally ask to have your service deferred.

What is the Fine if I ignore Jury Duty In California?

It may be the Contempt of court criminal charge under Penal Code 166 PC. It can carry up to:

  • 5 days in jail, and/or
  • $1,000 in fines.

A summons is a legal obligation to present in court or exercise a legal duty. When you get “invited” for jury duty you’re actually receiving a summons. This summons is an order to present in court to fulfil your civic obligation to serve on a jury. Overlooking a legal order from a California court can have serious outcomes.

Neglecting your jury summons and failing to show up for jury duty can be regarded as a Contempt of Court. In many states, the state will probably assume that you made an error and didn’t’ miss jury duty deliberately. They’ll send you another summons for a new date. Overlooking this second request is more likely to result in criminal charges for contempt of court.

Missing Jury Duty could land you in jail for up to 5 days and make you pay a fine of up to $1,000. You’ll also have a label on your criminal record. Having a criminal history can make you vulnerable to a broad range of collateral fines.

Conclusion – You Miss Jury Duty In California

Never overlook a jury summons. As a citizen of California, you have a responsibility to assist on a jury once every 12 months. Of course, the probabilities of you being called each and every year are very small. Yet, when you do get a summons that you’ve chosen for jury duty, it’s important to answer and follow through with your civic duty. Neglecting your jury summons can have some harsh outcomes. There are some ways to get out of jury duty legally if you really can’t join.

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